I recently came across an interesting photography project called "Captured" on design blog  The Strange Attractor.

The idea behind this project was to select a number of fantastic photographers from throughout the world and send them a camera and film (that's right, no digital to be seen here). What's particularly interesting about the project is that it appears to take the photographers out of their comfort zone. For example, I was drawn to this article as it featured Greg White, whom I am a big fan of. White's style is typically clean cut and futuristic, so it was interesting to see him stripped of this comfort and still produce some great shots:

"Having seen the results I’m pleasantly surprised and sense that this is what lomography is all about, the fun of inaccuracy, that feeling of not knowing, the anticipation, relief and surprise when the film returns from the lab as well as the added bonuses of happy mistakes!"

I think thats it's great to see these accomplished photographers getting inspired by trying something new and really stripping their style back to a basic level, and am now ever more desperate to buy one of the Diana F+ cameras that I have been after for sometime. For now the instagram iPhone app will have to suffice, but wheres the fun in that?





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