New branding for new contemporary art space, The Calder.


We have created a new identity for what promises to be a bold new space for contemporary art in the UK.

The Hepworth Wakefield launched ‘The Calder’ on Thursday 29 August, their new contemporary art space in the grounds of their site in the former industrial area of Wakefield.

The Calder occupies part of the Caddies Wainwright Mill, a 19th Century textile mill on site at The Hepworth, which has remained undeveloped since the 70s. The initial restoration work on the mill has created a 600 sq m uninterrupted space for contemporary art exhibitions. The space is designed to be temporary, remaining open for three years, courtesy of owner and landlord Wakefield Council.

The river that runs right next to The Hepworth Wakefield is the inspiration behind the name of the new space, so significant is its role in the history of the site and now its contribution to the architectural dynamic of the iconic building.

Presenting a changing contemporary art programme to complement the collection and exhibitions in the 10 main galleries, The Calder will open with an installation by leading contemporary artist Roger Hiorns, running from 30 August to 3 November,with free admission.
We worked closely with the team at The Hepworth Wakefield to devise the name, visual identity and launch campaign for The Calder.


The typographic visual approach uses heavy caps to help to articulate the remit and attitude of the new space with bold, occasionally challenging statements.

We’ve brought the brand to life across signage, staff uniforms, printed publications and marketing material both on and offline. 

Head of Marketing and Communications Hollie Latham says of the new identity: ‘The Hepworth Wakefield is really gaining recognition so it was important that the identity for the new space felt like an extension of what we’re about, not something completely unrelated. The brief was to create something that works alongside what we have, but that is distinctive enough to appeal to a much wider audience – predominantly younger. Thompson has helped us find something more than just a brand identity – it’s a whole way of being that allows us the flexibility to develop and change.

05Our designer Ash Spurr said, ‘Approaching the creative aspect of the project through copywriting allowed for a more direct and bold approach than could have been achieved through images. The Hepworth staff really embraced the brand and haven’t been afraid to take risks with it. It would have been very easy for the gallery to go with the safe and easy option, but they gave us the freedom to develop a challenging, and fun identity that gives the space not only its own identity, but a platform for debate and experimentation.’

Read more about The Calder, at The Hepworth Wakefield

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