Fattening up for winter!


Good morning folks! I am in a great mood this morning. Surprisingly so as I am meant to have a day off but am instead in at work. I just love waking up in the winter to a blanket of thick snow covering our lawn. 

I love the cold, crisp winter mornings and I know that most of you will think I am mad but I genuinely love the way the cold makes your face red and how cuddled up and cosy you can get at home watching the snow drift past the window. This of course is helped by the fact that i live in a beautiful converted manor house which looks postcard perfect in the snow and my office is only a short walk away. I also think its because I am a southerner who still finds snow a rare treat instead of a nuisance like my northern colleagues who are used to this disruption, school closures and chaos. Plus not having kids helps! It means i can act like one instead which i inevitably will do at some point.

Anyway.. back to the reason I started this particular post. 

In the winter i get an overwhelming interest in food. Cooking in particular and stock pile various magazines, recipes and blogs from my favourite sources. It must be an innate desire to fatten up for winter… or at least thats my excuse. I also cook our family Xmas dinner so I spend the majority of Nov and Dec planning various meat and vegetarian main course and twists on the traditional spread. 

I use Google Reader as a resource to keep on top of all of my favourite foodie blogs and wanted to share with you one in particular that has continued to impress me with every new post for the past two years. Its called ‘Canelle et Vanille’ and is seriously one of the most beautiful blogs you can subscribe to. Each new post is not only skillfully written it is also accompanied by beautiful food photography and styling. The imagery in particular is what gives this blog stand out. If you like food and photography you have to check it out!



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