All in aid of charity

by Liz Calvert

It all started when I suggested we do something for Children in Need. Bearing in mind it was 4pm yesterday, my idea was simple enough. ‘Why don’t we come into work tomorrow in our PJ’s?’  I wasn’t thinking big, just simple, straightforward fun in the office that would also raise some money to help disadvantaged children – something I’m always keen to do.

Then it ballooned!!!

More people got involved in the conversation and bigger, bolder ideas were put in the pot.  Eventually we decided, at the eleventh hour, that fancy dress it was.

After much stress (at 10pm last night) I eventually sorted out my fancy dress. I got into character at home this morning and drove into work (getting a few winks and hoots from the bin men in Oakwood on the way).

I was impressed. Everyone had made an effort, even at such short notice.

Group 4
Adam came as a cowboy.

Helen came as a cowgirl.

Jonny came as a skydiver.

Nick came as a woman (absolutely hilarious!)

Ian came as a sailor.

Sarah came in the spotty theme.

Rachel came as a pirate.

As did Guy.

And yes, I’m Wonder Woman.

Such a lot of fun but then I often think being spontaneous is more fun. And, as well as all the laughs, we raised a great amount for Children in Need.

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