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Annual_2010-14cadad4eebdcb-368xAUTO-center We were pleasantly surprised yesterday when we discovered that the mysterious package that had arrived was not another piece of tiresome direct mail but in fact the D&AD Annual. (score!) And what makes this even better (which I had forgotten about) is that we’re featured inside. (double w00t!)

D&AD_Web_reduced The entry submitted was for Metal, which are an Artistic Body who develop and support artistic community projects, in the UK and worldwide.

The project brief was to inspire and involve young people from three Essex towns – Harlow, Harwich and Southend, and to get them to engage with the enormous regeneration project taking place in their area. Students collated information and it was our job to pull it together to create a printed piece which showed Essex in a totally new light. The result was ‘You Are Here’, which was developed as an idea to illustrate the students’ real sense of pride in belonging to their area and wanting to mark it on the map.

We’re all really pleased to have it featured in the D&AD Annual, and want to thank everyone who was involved in pulling together this great project.

Metal_EssexGuides_Covers_WEB Metal_EssexGuides_Covers2_WEB Metal_EssexGuides_Spread_WEB


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