Anticipating A Visual Treat


I must admit although I keep up with the latest film releases and often browse the apple movie trailers website I rarely get to the cinema. However after seeing the trailer for the new Tron film some time ago I felt it was time to make the long over due trip. The film, titled “Tron Legacy” is a sequel to the 1982 film “Tron”. and features Jeff bridges. Trailers were first released over summer to whet the appetite and it certainly worked for me. The first trailer released was of a fast paced chase that went some way to show off the stunning visuals which stick to the unique styling seen in first film, all be it that they are significantly improved with subsequent trailers delving more into the plot.

The film will be shown in 3D, as is becoming standard now for major releases. I am yet to be convinced by 3D movies but feel that this film could truly utilise 3D to it’s potential without feeling like a gimmick aimed at getting more money out of the viewer. The official website is also highly impressive, giving the feeling that you are logging into their computer network and once loaded you are faced with a host of interactive features that include news, music and even being able to play a game where you become Jeff bridges and ride the light cycle. Incidentally on the theme of music I was glad to here that Daft punk have composed an original soundtrack for the film, there surely couldn’t be a band more suited to the task, they already look like they are part of the film anyway and their robotic, electronic music is ideal (and they look great on a poster).

Tron_legacy_poster14 The film is set for release on the 17th December and I for one will be donning my 3D glasses and admiring what is set to be a stunning visual treat. Think of it as an early Christmas present.

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