Day 4 - Hatties Bike



I’ve only recently starting cycling again, but once I’d broken in the saddle of my new Marin Bridgeway (courtesy of the Cycle Scheme) I haven’t wanted to put it down. 

Admittedly I don’t know that much about bikes, only what looks nice and what will fulfill my needs aesthetically. Although I have been told it has a Moustache bar, but that’s about as extensive as my knowledge gets on this unfortunately. So here’s a sneaky spec I stole off the internet…

Commuting & Touring, 6061 aluminum, Shimano HG20, 12-32, 7-Speed, Vittoria Adventure with puncture protection, 700×35c, UG51, Unisex. 


Having a bike again has given me so much freedom to roam and with the leafy suburb of Roundhay right on our doorstep I’ve been able to properly explore and enjoy my surroundings at last. 

I’m now that annoying cyclist on the side of road blissfully unaware of the world around them and I love it.


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