Brand refresh & packaging redesign for charity water Thirsty Planet


Leading charity water brand Thirsty Planet has refreshed its branding and introduced new packaging designed by us here at Thompson Brand Partners.

Thirsty Planet is owned and operated by Water Brands Group, and is dedicated to bringing clean water to communities across rural Africa in partnership with charity Pump Aid. Since the product was launched in 2007, Thirsty Planet has raised over £1.5 million – and still counting. This money has enabled Pump Aid to provide over 8,000 water pumps, which combine to provide billions of litres of clean, safe water.

We were invited to help review the clarity of messaging and branding, before designing new packaging for the consumer range. The requirement was to better reflect what the brand is all about, tell the story of the impact of each donation and bring consistency to the range.

The new packs feature a tweaked logo, new type, updated messaging and a set of new illustrations to appeal to the target audience. The designs have been applied to 330ml, 500ml and 1.5L variants, multipacks and a children’s range, as well as a later development of the restaurant range.

Thirtsy Planel 1.5L
 The new packaged product is due to hit the supermarket shelves this week.

Thompson Account Manager, Rachel Cook is delighted with the new designs: “We have known the owners of Thirsty Planet for some time, and have been great supporters of the work they do, and the clear, accountable way that they operate. We’re really proud to work with them, and to be able to use our design expertise for such a worthwhile cause, to communicate the difference each bottle makes.”

Read more about Thirsty Planet here

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