Sentencing made simple


The Sentencing Council has launched a short animated film for victims and witnesses of crime explaining how sentencing works and the types of sentence offenders can get.

The film and supporting materials have been designed and produced by the team here at Thompson.

As well as being available to view online on both the Sentencing Council website (link below) and YouTube, it will also be used by Victim Support’s Witness Service volunteers at courts when they are helping victims and witnesses.


The brief was to create a clear, easy-to-understand communication, to help people affected by crime to understand the principles of the sentencing process.

This was achieved by using animation and vibrant illustrations, which help to explain complex issues in an accessible way.

The film is supported with leaflets and presenters, which will also be used by Witness Service volunteers at courts. We worked with long-term partner, Creative Collective Mill Co. on the animation and production of the film.

Nick Mann, Senior Press Officer for The Sentencing Council says: “The sentencing process is complicated, so it’s vital for us to make sure that victims and witnesses of crime have a better understanding of things like how a judge or magistrate reaches a sentence, what factors are taken into account and what sentences are available. This film is a really effective way for us to communicate these important issues in a way that is attractive and appealing.”

Our Managing Director, Nick Ramshaw, also commented: “We’re really proud of the film. It tells a complicated story in easy-to-understand steps without trivialising an extremely important process. Getting the tone and content right were critical and working in partnership with Mill Co. has helped us achieve an excellent end product.”

See the Sentencing Council’s Guide to Sentencing here

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