The day we went to Amsterdam.


For this year’s annual away day we found ourselves jetting off to Amsterdam for a 10-hour stint in the inspirational city!
After weeks of discussion we all decided on the plan for the day and waited in anticipation for the 15th November to arrive.

  • After a couple of delays we touched down at Schiphol airport for 10am, ready for our adventure. Our first stop was to make our way to the award winning Droog Hotel where Nick & Ian had arranged a group activity.

    On our way we passed many sites, some more picturesque than others (you can guess where I’m going with this…). We were also accused on our journey by a lady who Leanne had say ‘agitated’ some what by taking pictures…to our amusement of course.

  • 100 photo opportunities and laughs later we arrived at our destination. The Droog is not only a hotel but is a pioneer of new directions in design, ‘Beauty and experience with minimal means, always with a twist.’ They also offer a selection of products including lighting, furniture and accessories.

    After an inspirational 3 hours spent in one of their boardrooms named ‘The Courtyard’ we ventured off down the street for a swift pint of local beer before striding up towards the Stedelijk Museum.

  • One thing that I was really impressed by whilst walking from A to B was the vast amount of committed city cyclists. From road bikes to sit up and begs, everybody seemed to be making there way by bike.

  • Within 20 minutes we were at the design museum where we split up to explore for a couple of hours. Inside I discovered works by some of my icons – Warhol, Karel Appel, Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Rothko among many more. Just the building itself was awe inspiring, white space lit with well-placed neon lights. Breathtaking.

    Time flew by and we made our way back to the airport via tram and train, even managing to blag first class for all of 5 minutes… And before you knew it we were back in Leeds Bradford ready for Corrie and a cuppa.

    A memorable day that will inspire us for months to come.

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