Refreshing Harrogate Spring Water

by Thompson Brand Partners

We are extremely proud to have created a new identity for Harrogate Spring Water, taking inspiration from Harrogate’s history of drawing water, which can be traced back to 1571, when Harrogate was the first place in the world to bottle water.

  • Our Creative Director, Ian Thompson, says we conducted research which showed how ‘people thought it was a premium brand but they didn’t know what it stood for’. A positioning was created which recognises the quality, provenance and history of drinking water in the town.

  • The cap of the bottle, when viewed from above, reveals an image of The Royal Pump Room of Harrogate, a Victorian ‘sulphur well’, which was known for its high quality water. On the white labelled sparkling water a Japanese tile design has been referenced, and on the black labelled still water a Turkish tile design is shown. These patterns can be found in the Royal Baths in Harrogate.

  • The wordmark has been devised so that consumers know that despite the historical positioning ‘the water is relevant now’. Ian adds, ‘We started with a Futura font and re-worked it. First we went down a classic modernist route and referenced the 20’s and 30’s but it looked too antiquarian so we took out all the flourishes. We didn’t want it to be a historical pastiche.’

  • Harrogate Spring Water has worked with a manufacturer to develop the new ‘diamond bottles’ to reflect the brand proposition. ‘They wanted a bottle that matched the brand idea and the diamond shape also references minerals and makes the water look fresh and pure.’

    James Cain, Managing Director – Harrogate Water Brands, added: ‘We’re thrilled to work with Thompson Brand Partners on one of the biggest developments in the company’s history. We very much feel that the team at Thompson is part of the DNA of Harrogate Water Brands. Their extensive understanding of our brand, superb retail knowledge and modern approach is fundamental to how we wish to continue to position the brand.’

  • Harrogate Water Brands has also unveiled the largest marketing campaign in its history with the announcement that Harrogate Spring Water will become The Official Water of England Cricket.

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