Film Titles: A few personal favourites


Having recently seen the brilliant FITC Tokyo 2015 titles (see below) I thought it would be a good time to share a few of my favourite opening titles.

  • ENTER THE VOID (by Tom Kan)

    Probably one of the energetic opening sequences ever put together. The Enter the void opening titles feature a dazzling array of neon typography, accompanied by the music of LFO’s ‘Freak’.


    A classic anime film with a fantastic opening score by Kenji Kawai. The music is used beautifully to create an emotional sequence on what could have easily gone off the rails. The typography is also genre defining and heavily inspired the Wachowski brothers when making The Matrix.

  • SEVEN (by Kyle Cooper)

    With music by Nine Inch Nails these titles build up to the film perfectly with scratched typography centred around the killers artefacts. The tone and pace of the titles is extremely sinister, choosing to show very little, allowing the music to do its work in offering a nightmarish world occupied by the disturbed killer.

  • And finally, here is one from Jimmy:


    One of the earliest examples of a title sequence. The film reel came with a note to the projectionist, to run the first reel only after the curtains were drawn back. The simple idea was to mimic the mood of the lead character.

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