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by Thompson Brand Partners

Join us, Tuesday 16 June, 5-7pm, Wharf Chambers.

  • We’re getting together in celebration of the launch of Untitled 3, a brand new publication designed by us and created in conjunction with East Street Arts and Marion Harrison – and you’re invited.

    Untitled 3 is the 3rd edition of the British Art Show 8 publication, each edition taken on by a different team of collaborators from the city. Each is given an entirely open content and design brief (other than the covers!), and so we chose to set ourselves the task of finding and profiling hidden artists in and around Leeds. The work we uncovered was amazing, all from undiscovered artists right under your nose, and we can’t wait to show you.

    It’s 5-7pm Tuesday 16th June at Wharf Chambers, Leeds. It’ll be a really great chance to meet people and celebrate art in Leeds. There’ll be free food, a drink or two on us, and obviously a free copy of Untitled 3.

    We hope to see you there!

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