We've got a Harrogate Spring in our step


We have a particular set of skills. They are skills we have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make us a dream for people like you.

…couldn’t resist.

We work with a hugely diverse range of clients who do everything from selling safety products, to law firms and from cake clubs to bottled water and our work’s been recognised at the latest British Bottlers’ Institute awards for our creative input with the Harrogate Spring Water brand. Bottoms up!

  • Our crack unit of designers got their heads together to redesign the Harrogate Spring Water packaging and give the brand a face-lift back in 2014. We’re extremely chuffed to see that The British Bottlers’ Institute have awarded Harrogate Spring the 2015 Gold award for the packaging category. It’s great news for Harrogate Spring Water and Thompson alike. Harrogate have also managed to win the Gold award in the Water and Soft Drinks category for their Still Water and a Diploma for their Sparkling Water.

  • The British Bottlers’ Institute has announced that this year there has been a record number of entrants to the competition making the win an even better achievement.

    The awards will be presented on 22nd October at Vintners’ Hall in London. Congratulations Harrogate Spring!

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