Our top pick of beer label designs

by Jimmy Smith

Taste aside, here’s our pick of some the best designed beer labels out there at the mo. If you’re one of those people that like to pick at their beer label as they sup, you’ll probably want to leave these ones alone.

  • Brixton Brewery
    Each of these colourful labels designed by Brixton based Emma Scott-Child has a personality of it’s own – suggestive of Brixton’s eclectic character. The bold ‘B’ plonked right in the middle suggests a proudness of where this beer has come from, and makes sure there’s no mistaking the brand.

  • Wiper And True
    Well, don’t these look nice. I’m a sucker for anything minimal and this refined design style by Studio Makgill with a big flash of copper foil gives the brand a real premium quality. Each illustration is suggestive of the company’s belief in “man’s ability to harness nature and turn it into something different”. I’m sure most designers would be pretty satisfied staring at this bottle as they sup.

  • Camden Town Brewery
    I’m a big fan of the whole Camden Town brand. Their bold typographic approach, designed by Studio Juice has a look and feel that is industrial and modern. Matched with a bright colour palette, this gives this brand a bold, fun personality.

  • Garage Project Beer
    Forget your fancy illustrations and copper foils for a minute, this minimal design does exactly what it says on the tin. No fuss, this is just about beer. This is definitely the Ronseal of beer labels.

  • Beavertown
    The whole brand is built around these mad scenarios illustrated by Nick Dwyer, with the idea for each bottle design linking back to the name. Unlike some of the other labels above, that make a feature of the logo or name, these skull characters and the illustration style have, for me, become the biggest identifier for the brand.

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