New release from Fontsmith


We’ve been dying to show you this for ages. Its our first job with Fontsmith, introducing their brand new library font FS Pimlico, which was officially launched today. Here are some pics of the booklet mailed to their customers:

FS Pimlico Thompson blog post_1FS Pimlico Thompson blog post_2 FS Pimlico Thompson blog post_3
And this is just the start! The next project is the big one. Its a set of booklets to celebrate Fontsmith’s last ’10 Years in Type’ and it shaping up to be a classic. The booklets will feature the real stories of various classic library fonts including FS Me and FS Lola, bespoke typeface projects including Channel 4 and The Champions League, and the leading type design studio’s client logo work. The booklets will be published in July, and you can register for a copy now at

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