Team Thompson are triathlon champions!

by Thompson Brand Partners
  • It’s official. Thompson Brand Partners have got the triathlon bug.

    Since August 2015, we’ve been working with Leeds City Council, British Triathlon Federation and Ironman to get the city ready for the ITU World Triathlon Leeds, so we were already pretty excited about the event. But with a month to go, two foolish TBP-ers chipped in to ask whether it’s enough to merely design for the triathlon. If we’re really behind the event, surely we have to put our money where our mouth is, and be prepared to swim, bike and run in its support, too?

  • Race day

    Fast forward a mere 3.5 weeks, an impressive team of 8 Thompsoners stood white-faced, clad in their finest wetsuits – begged, borrowed and stolen – resplendent in their orange swim caps. As if seeing your colleagues in their Speedos wasn’t enough trauma for a Sunday morning, we were now about to take the plunge into the icy depths of Roundhay Lake with them too. Levels of regret levels and antagonism towards those who suggested the idea were rising.

    With approximately 4 hours combined preparation between us, expectations weren’t high and indeed ‘We’re just going to have a nice time, we’re just going to have a nice time’ became the mantra before the klaxon sounded. Rather predictably though, once the horn blew, all promises of sticking together were utterly forgotten, and it was every man for themselves.

  • Team TBP did amazingly well. All came in in under an 1 hour 15 mins, with no injuries, no lost possessions, no fall outs, and the addition of an entirely unexpected thirst for more triathlons. The thirst for beer afterwards was entirely expected, of course.

    Scores on the doors
    Whilst we all swore that we didn’t care about how we placed, the top three looked like this:
    1. Chris ‘Legs of Lightning’ Skelton
    2. Daisy ‘The Fast and Never Furious’ Kennedy
    3. Jimmy ‘The Cantering Carpenter’ Smith

  • But, cheesy as it sounds, it really wasn’t about the winning. Every one of us who took part did amazingly well to get over the line, especially with no training, and even more so whilst still smiling. No doubt the amazingly rowdy crowd of Thompsoners and family that turned out to support us helped too – thank you.

    PS To anyone thinking of giving it a go, we couldn’t recommend a GoTRI event enough. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by friendly faces, dishing out tips on laying out kit, how to get acclimatised to the water, cheering us on…

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