Vintage Dress up Sept 2016

by Rachel Cook

We love an excuse to dress up. Well most of us. Others will go as far as to fake a migraine to get out of the apparent trauma…

But for the rest of us, this begs the question of what to wear. Well, the collective Thompson wardrobe is peculiarly packed with terrific tweed, stuffed with a startling selection of shell suits, and full of more funky footwear than you can shake your spats at…

And that means Vintage Day.

  • Look. At. Us. Here’s nearly the whole Thompson team, and nearly the whole gamut of decades (helpfully laid out in date order from left to right).

  • Let us start by introducing Jimmy, Paul and Ian, our gentlemen from the start of the 20th century. Arguably the most dapper of our party, they look just like a charming combination of disgruntled factory workers and a bowtied, fatcat businessman.

  • Say hello to those of us that can’t help but look utterly fabulous at every turn. Especially Nick. The pout, the shades, the cardigan – not to mention those shoes… Kudos to Daisy (centre) for buying her going away outfit especially for the occasion, and wearing it with such panache.

  • This final look is one we like to call ‘80s workout chic’. Those of you who remember the 80s won’t be surprised to know that Emma and Leanne lasted about 3 hours in the heat, before the delightful combination of polyester and 21°C heat led to near heat exhaustion and a swift outfit change… Bet they weren’t laughing at Jake’s shorts after that (but no comment on that lunge).

    By the way, there was a point to this vintage celebration. Yesterday saw us talking about our favourite vintage designs, from our most loved vintage automobiles to our favourite graphic design through the years. Look out for our run-down tomorrow.

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