Intern stories: Who is Alice?

by Leanne Watkinson

Our latest intern, Alice, gives us some insight into her time here at Thompson Brand Partners.

  • Hi, I’m Alice!

    I’ve just graduated from Northumbria University where I studied Graphic Design, and for the past couple of weeks I have been on placement at Thompson Brand Partners.

    I’ve learnt so much in my short time here – I’ve been doing things I would never get the chance to do at university, and have been working on a vast array of different projects. There’s so much going on here and it has been great to work on something completely different every day. I particularly enjoyed working on the layouts of some posters and banners for one Thompson’s clients, Herd.

  • Working on web design was a great experience too and something that I’ve never done before and knew very little about. It was great to get the chance to pick up some new skills.

  • I got the chance to talk to Chris, Ian and Nick, who were very happy to tell me all about the company and what it’s like to work in the Graphic Design industry. They gave me great advice on what to do next. I also had the opportunity to give a presentation about myself and my work and it was great to get feedback on my portfolio.

    My time here has been the best I’ve ever experienced on a design placement; the atmosphere in the office is really inspiring. Thompson is definitely somewhere I aspire to work at in the future.

    So, thank you to everyone at Thompson for being so welcoming and making my time here so fun. I’ve honestly loved every minute and will really miss coming here everyday!

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