Open House: Uncle Lee’s Brewhouse

by Rachel Cook

We were recently joined for one of our lovely Open House talks by Liam Kane, Assistant Brewer at Vocation Brewery and the man behind Uncle Lee’s Brewhouse. His special recipe: hop-forward beers, imperial stout and a talent for getting the fuck on and doing stuff.

  • Liam wasn’t always a brewer. In fact, he started off life as a musician, composer and beer lover, before a hankering for hops caused him to retrain and follow his love for beer. So we asked Liam to join us to tell us a little bit about hops but also a whole lot about getting on and doing stuff.

  • His ‘fuck it’ mentality is something that never fails to impress me; I want more of that in my life and he has it in pint-loads. What he reminded us of is that a bit more of that ‘fuck it’ can open doors you didn’t know were there. And that even if it doesn’t work out exactly as you’d expected, something else may well come along.

  • This particular Open House was an especially boozy one for many of us, despite a delivery of tasty pizza midway, designed to keep us thoroughly level-headed… But luckily Liam’s inspiration lasted longer than the hangovers.

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