Open House: Master Foulds

by Thompson Brand Partners

On International Women’s Day, we had a visit from Master Chrissy Foulds, making for a slightly louder and more active Open House (or should that be Open Dojo?) than we’re used to!

A friend and training partner of Paul (Thompson’s resident ninja), she was here to tell us about her career change to full-time martial arts instructor and how to stay safe on the mean streets of Roundhay.

  • The pocket-sized martial arts powerhouse recently gave up a successful career in hospitality management to pursue her passion. It was great to hear all about how rewarding she’s finding it – reaffirming the old adage that if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.

    But then of course, it was time to get down to business: learning some self defence.

    We started with some basics: how to look like you’re not to be trifled with, with a good stance and posture, before getting onto some striking and clever grappllng techniques. The favourite seemed to be putting the boys in rather painful wrist-locks, having been grabbed by the hair!

  • We had a great time and came away feeling a little more confident, empowered and of course, inspired to always follow our passions – what better message for International Women’s Day?

  • If you want to book Master Foulds to run a self defence class in your workplace, contact her at or ask us for an introduction.

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