A new identity delivers for this unique farm shop.


When we began working with Keelham Farm Shop in 2010, the business was in good shape. They had a good, regular customer base, steady trade and a very good reputation within the local community. They had an award-winning butchers shop, strong family values, and a passion for good, local food. But owners Victoria and James Robertshaw had an ambition to grow their business even more, to grow the profit of the Thornton site, but also develop a model and brand that would allow expansion and be transferable to new sites.

  • We engaged with Keelham through the Design Council’s ‘Design in Demand’ programme with a brief to design a new brand identity that would encapsulate the simple homemade quality at the heart of the Robershaw’s ethos, to help drive the growth of the business.

  • Our design approach was centred around a simple proposition, ‘food tastes better from the farm’. We brought this to life by creating a flexible portfolio of components for the brand to allow Keelham the flexibility and freedom to roll out across all aspects of the business and to individualise each of the unique departments within the shop. The custom font, colour palette and visual style helped with flexibility, and a hand-drawn illustrative style for icons articulated themes and messaging in a distinct way.

  • The new branding has since been applied throughout the shop, inside and out, as well as to packaging, the website, uniforms, communications and vehicle liveries, driven by the team at Keelham and ourselves.

  • The rebrand has already delivered fantastic results, especially impressive in an extremely competitive market. In 3 years since the rebrand, turnover is up 52%, profit margins are up to 32.4% (from 28.4%) and weekly customer numbers are up 27%. All of this has been achieved with a commitment to affordability, with an average basket of 37 items bought at Keelham on 13 Feb 2013 was 17% cheaper than Asda, 18% cheaper than Tesco, and 28% cheaper than Sainsbury’s.

    The most exciting development has been the acquisition of a site for the next Keelham Farm Shop in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Planning permission has been secured and work starts on site in Autumn 2013 leading to an opening in 2014.

    “With the help of Thompson Brand Partners, we have articulated our brand values and developed an exciting visual identity which has refreshed our business without losing what we had and helped drive considerable growth. Importantly, the branding is also being successful in enabling us to build our business further and has created a template to enable future growth including other farm shop sites.” Victoria Robertshaw, Joint Owner, Keelham Farm Shop.

    Learn more about Keelham Farm Shop here: Keelhamfarmshop.co.uk

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