Open House: A bit on the side

by Rachel Cook

At our last Open House we were joined by Shay Moradi. Designer, developer, educator, art-maker and all-round geeky gamer with an enviable skill for turning side projects into paid projects… THAT Shay Moradi.

Back in 2008 he was the Digital Media Design course leader at the University of Huddersfield, so we knew he was going to be good with the ol’ lecture. And since then, he’s set up his own agency, Running in the Halls, moved on to designing products for companies such as Rolls Royce, Wella, Ford and Channel 5… Not bad.

  • But his topic du jour for Open House was side projects. It’s a topic that’s really important for all creatives and something that’s particularly pertinent for Shay as he really does manage that elusive balance of work, life and fun projects.

    For me, the most memorable bits of Shay’s talk were about how his fascination with them was borne out of his Iranian heritage. Specifically, the glitches that he noticed in the Persian rugs that a family member would make later led to a book on nothing but glitches. It was quite the tangent but my favourite bit of it all.

  • Shay also went on to talk about his lessons for side projects, including a surprising one: stop when it’s not fun any more. It’s a hard one to put into practice; it’s so difficult to cease and desist when you’ve invested time, energy and often money into a project. But stopping, forcing yourself to notice that the thing you once got out of bed for is now draining more energy than it’s giving, and doing something about it, is an essential skill, and one I’m determined to master.

    Until next time.

    P.S. Thanks so much again to the bloody awesome Northern Monk Refectory for hosting us. The space was perfect, they were the nicest hosts ever, and the beer made us very, very happy…

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