Meet Sonia: Our International Intern

by Blog Poet


I’m Sonia, a Valencian Graphic Designer currently living in Leeds, also known as S de Sulfuro.

My month long placement at Thompson Brand Partners has been really great, giving me the chance to meet professional people working in the Graphic Design industry. It has helped me gain a better understanding of how a design agency is structured and ran. Previously, in Valencia, I only either freelanced or worked client side.

  • Everybody has been really welcoming since my first day, especially Lizzie, Jamie and George who made me the best Yorkshire teas ever. The office is inspiring, and throughout my month here, I improved my English and graphic design terminology. I have been working on a range of projects, from typographical to illustration based. I particularly enjoyed the beer branding project as it was a quite open brief and let me experiment with type and layout.

  • I brushed up on my Photoshop skills producing work for digital applications, working alongside, Senior Designer, Scott Oxley who always offered help if I ever needed it.

    Next, I am going to freelance and continue looking for challenges in Leeds.

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