Meet Nanna Guldbaek: Lervig's Graphic Designer

by Marisa Sanchez-Dunning

Copenhagen. Beer. Great company. My three favourite things, of which my recent weekend consisted of. I was honoured with the opportunity to not only speak to, but also enjoy a beer with Nanna Gulbaek, Lervig’s graphic designer.

She is getting ready to travel the world for a couple months and I am nothing short of jealous. I have a feeling there will be many more catch ups in the future, whether they be in Leeds or Copenhagen. And they most definitely will involve beer.

  • M: Roots: Where are you from?

    N: I’m originally from Northern Denmark, but now I live in Kolding which is located in Southern Denmark. Previous to Kolding, I lived in Copenhagen and for a period in Kingston outside London.

    M: How long have you been with Lervig and how did the relationship start?

    N: I met our brewers, Mike Murphy and David Graham, last year during a beer festival in Tallinn, where I was attending on behalf of another brewery. Between Christmas and New Years they asked me to make a few labels as a test. They liked my work and I slowly started to do small jobs for them. From around May/June this year it became more permanent, and during the summer I worked full time – some of the time I even worked directly from the brewery.

    M: You’re still a student, in design school in Kolding, Denmark. How does it feel to be a student and have thousands of people following your work?

    N: It’s really fun. And weird. The craft beer industry is so fun and mad to work in. I think people around me who aren’t into craft beer sometimes have a hard time understanding what I do, and how I can work as a designer for a brewery. It can sometimes be difficult to balance work and my studies though.

  • M: Travel and inspiration. Do you find the two to be connected in your creative process?

    N: Yes and no. I don’t need to travel to find inspiration and make my creative process work. I can go to work and sit at my desk at 8 in the morning and be creative. Like any other job I guess. But I think travelling can question how/why you do stuff the way you do it. Maybe you see techniques, colors, material etc. used in a new way. Maybe you meet people with totally different backgrounds, experiences and opinions as you.

    M: When you hit a creativity block, what do you do?

    N: I take a break, leave the desk to make a coffee or go for a walk. Then I go back and work through it. Just draw something. Maybe something funny. Or stupid. It doesn’t matter what.

    M: Lastly, but most importantly, what is your favorite beer?!

    N: It’s always changing. Currently I can’t wait for the Lervig Barley wine 2017 ed. That one is always amazing – and this year I got to make the label! Hopefully there are many more to come!

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