#ThompsonTakeover Roundup

by Marisa Sanchez-Dunning

That’s all folks! The Thompson Takeover has come to an end. Back in November we decided to share some of the creative work that we’ve loved from around the world, taking over our Instagram account with our favourites. We showcased 4 creatives in total, with a new showcase every two weeks. It has been a great two months getting to share their work and connect with others in the industry. We’ve reached as far as Copenhagen to the San Francisco, Bay Area.

We all get inspiration from different sources, and express our creativity in different ways. Creating conversation, engaging and showcasing some amazing work from great graphic designers, illustrators and photographers, is important in sparking creativity within the community. Why wouldn’t you want to see some beautiful design work from around the world?

As it has come to an end, I thought I would put all their brilliant work in once place to have a look at what has been shared. Enjoy and remember, creativity is contagious. Let’s pass it on. #ThompsonTakeover

  • Meet Nanna Guldbaek. She is from Denmark and is a third year industrial design student at Design School Kolding. Nanna is also Lervig’s graphic designer in her spare time, which I’m sure she doesn’t have a lot of. Her work is intricate, meaningful and globally recognised. You can check out more of her recent work, here .

  • Thomas is a Yorkshire based Commercial Photographer. Over the past few years he has been working on a personal project photographing Bull Breed type dogs. Photographed in a painterly manner, this project explores the social stigma surrounding these dogs while celebrating their majestic traits. You can see more of his most recent projects on his website .

  • John is an illustrator from Sheffield. His work is very much influenced by the work of David Cutter, Edward Hopper and Ian Pollock. His work is renowned for its conceptual, quirky approach that has been used in editorial, design and book publishing. Check out his Instagram feed for a collection of his work .

  • Luke is a British born Creative Director and Designer based in San Francisco. Specialising in Identities and Design Systems, the San Francisco Bay Area is now his stomping ground for inspiration. We came across his work and wanted to share it with the world. Luke is now working with Amazon in San Francisco on their product design. Check out his varied and brilliant portfolio .

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