Cold Bath Brewing. Your new favourite craft brewery.

by Rachel Cook

Few things beat a delivery of fresh samples – except maybe when those first samples are delicious and full of beer. So, we were extra pleased when Cold Bath Brewing Co dropped off the first batch of their new lager this week and we could try the tasty goods, as well as enjoy getting our hands on the print.

  • Who is Cold Bath Brewing Co?
    Cold Bath Brewing is a brand new craft brewery from Harrogate, started after three blokes walked into a pub. Jim, an ex-Mod, Mick, a London cabby turned coffee connoisseur, and Roger, a pub man through and through, all met in Mick’s cafe in Harrogate. They were united by their love of beer and shared grumblings that there isn’t enough good lager out there. They’ve made it their mission to help change that, and Cold Bath Lager is the first of their forays into this territory.

    We can happily report back that it’s light, refreshing and utterly sessionable. The type of beer you can imagine it’s far too easy to sink 6 of in a row on a hot day at the cricket (drink responsibly and all that, though). Jim and the lads will be refining the recipe, too, so we’re looking forward to trying that next brew (all in the interests of supporting our lovely clients).

  • Branding Cold Bath Lager
    Designing a craft beer is a lovely thing, but a bit of a cliche now, surely. There can’t be many design agencies left who haven’t had a crack at it. And it’s a tough gig, with new breweries cropping up every week, and disappearing at a similar pace, too. Standing out is key, shy retiring isn’t an option. Beer bottles/cans are less and less a means to an end and increasingly a mini gallery that conveys the attitude and values of a brewery. Of course, the same is true of most brands, but things are different here; we drink beer for fun, and that frivolous nature of beer means that that personality is amped up to the max.

    Creating a brand for Cold Bath Brewing was all about capturing the personality of the trio behind it, but we also wanted to reference the attitude of Cold Bath Road in Harrogate, the inspiration behind the name. The beer was inspired by Pilsners and Helles tradition, so you’ll spot nods to a European attitude to type across the label. The word ‘Lager’ is a composite of typefaces. There’s an odd little percentage sign that should probably be a bit less squat. The logo nods to the antiquarian brewing heritage of Harrogate, but feels distinctly modern. The colour palette references that Italian, Rapha-y thing, but with an orange pop, and a border that’s more French than anything else.

  • We’ll share some more pics of it soon but for now, enjoy these quick snaps, while we enjoy a few more bottles.

    To keep up to date with Cold Bath Brewing Co, find out where you can buy it, and see what they’re up to with their new bar, follow them on Instagram: @coldbathbrewing

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