Double success at the Design Effectiveness Awards 2018

by Thompson Brand Partners

The power of design to drive business success is a core reason we do what we do at Thompson. So we celebrated big style last night, with two fantastic wins at the 2018 Design Effectiveness Awards in London.

Run by the Design Business Association, these awards are judged by a panel of business and marketing leaders, that bases its decisions on a design’s contribution to a business’ success. With entries from some of the biggest global brands and agencies out there, so needless to say, these ones are tough to win!

This year we entered two projects for Yorkshire based clients, and both won!

  • Gold for the Public Value Champions
    Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation was established in 1974 as a buying consortium for local government and educational establishments, helping to get better deals for members on items they were purchasing.

    At the heart of the rebrand, is an essence of ‘Public Value Champions’ and a modern, sophisticated new identity. The result is a beautiful brand with a meaningful purpose.

    Since the rebrand, YPO has attracted 384% more associate members, the average dividend it pays back to the public sector is up 27.3% and the organisation created 57 new jobs.

    These results helped YPO win a gold award.

  • Silver for James Heal
    James Heal is a stalwart of the Yorkshire textile industry, a world leader in the design and manufacture of testing instruments. The challenge was from lower quality overseas competitors and customer pressure to discount. Sales were flat.

    The rebrand gave the business back its confidence. It encompassed everything from brand identity to instrument design signature, and from online sales materials to team uniforms.

    Since the rebrand, sales have increased by 68%. The business has won the Queen’s Award for enterprise in international trade. Colleague pride in the brand is up to 79%.

    James Heal won a silver Design Effectiveness Award.

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