Open House at Thompson: Can you cash in and not sell out?

by Rachel Cook

Can you cash in and not sell out? Make money doing what you love and keep your integrity intact? That’s what we asked at Open House by Thompson on Friday and our speakers did a beautiful job of answering…

  • We were joined by graphic artists DR.ME and Nanna Guldbaek, Art Director of craft brewery Lervig – and more lovely people in the audience than ever. Hurrah!

    Check out our video or read more below.

    DR. ME on the secret to doing what you love for a living

  • If you made it down, you’ll have enjoyed DR.ME really getting to grips with the question, asking themselves whether they had sold out as they built up their creative studio and impressive rep over the last 8 years. The answer was no, by the way.

    They also shared their tips on how the rest of us can succeed and still keep our heads held high, which made for top Insta-fodder for everyone wanting some inspo.

    I was impressed with how they went about tackling the topic. The more I think about it, it’s a massive question, and one that could definitely lead to a very critical response, either about yourselves or others. They were bold in answering it in the honest way they did, especially with a room full of jobbing creatives, and I liked that a lot.

    Nanna on branding a craft brewery

  • We also loved Nanna’s insights into working for a craft brewery. She’s been working for Norwegian brewery Lervig whilst studying at University in Denmark and is now working for them full time as their Art Director. What a graduate scheme.

    The people at Lervig love Nanna’s unique, awesome, and slightly weird style of illustration and asked her to apply that to their range. It’s beautiful, different and working a treat. She shared her work and insights into what it’s really like working with people who are surrounded by booze all day long.

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