Creative Collection #6

by George Hurrell

Motion Devotion

My role here at Thompson is to bring the brands we work with to life, in motion. Working alongside the other creatives and designers I help create an all-encompassing approach to branding, giving businesses an opportunity reach out to their customers and clients in a creative and engaging way on every possible level.

I love to create and experiment with many different styles and approaches, whether it’s a creative approach, or a technical one using software and technologies, to allow me to realise the potential of ideas. I take inspiration from everywhere and this post is a little showcase of some of the more recent bits and pieces I have come across, or had shared with me, that have caught my eye.

Nailing the ideas

Only the cleverest or most beautiful content /stories will be given more than the 30 seconds most people are willing to engage with anything. In this throwaway society it’s usually the smartest ideas that will win you likes, views or engagement rather than the biggest production values or shiniest graphics. But that’s no excuse for poor execution.

Nike are possibly one of the biggest or most recognisable brands on the planet, some brands squander this privileged position when it comes to creating beautiful content, but Nike almost always nail it when it comes to the creative ideas.

Nike – white hot

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