Thompson Quarterly: 'Tis the season to be eco-conscious

by Antony Haddley

We’re a curious bunch at Thompson – always keeping our eyes and ears open to the latest trends that are shaping brand and culture.

The Thompson Quarterly is a new publication that captures some of that thinking as a quick read.

For this edition, we’ve selected three things that have caught our attention this Christmas.

Here’s a flavour of what’s included:

  • Brands are responding at pace to our renewed urgency to combat human impact on the planet. From ethical gifting to dedicated Vegan Christmas menus at chain restaurants, this is the year where eco-conscious festivities hit the mainstream.

  • Take the principle behind magazine subscriptions, add a specially-curated selection of products – and maybe a surprise or two along the way – and you’ll have a subscription box.

    Monthly deliveries like these now form a rapidly-growing market in its own right; set to be worth £1bn by 2022.

    27% of UK consumers are signed up to a subscription box service, either for themselves or on behalf of somebody else. And with gifting responsible for a growing percentage of sales, we share our thoughts on how brands can adapt – and spoke to Victoria Robertshaw, Co-Owner of Keelham Farm Shop, to get a retailer’s view too.

  • Abstinence is in the air either side of Christmas, with Stoptober and Dry January becoming increasingly popular. Now there are signs that that more people are cutting back on the typically high booze intake over the festive season. Thankfully, product innovation means that it’s easier than ever to indulge without the dreaded hangover.

    We share our thoughts, and reveal a sneak peek of a brand set to make a splash in the alcohol-free market next year, which Thompson helped create.

    To get the full story, simply sign up here. Let us know what you think via @ThompsonBP.

    Happy reading!

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