Introducing Bax Botanics: a new, alcohol-free drinks brand

by Thompson Brand Partners

We’ve been working with wild food experts, Chris and Rose Bax on the brand identity and packaging of their new 100% natural, alcohol-free spirits.

Created in response to the growing ‘clean-drinking’ trend, Bax Botanics holds the highest ecological credentials possible – from the product itself, to the stock, print and finish of the bottle label.

Bax Botanics started life on a very small scale in the kitchen of wild food experts Chris and Rose Bax, who used ingredients originally found in their own woodlands. Four variants were developed and the first two, Verbena and Sea Buckthorn, are currently available to buy, with a further two unique recipes to be launched later in 2019.

  • Chris has a long heritage in food, as a trained chef and advisor to restaurant chefs, while Rose has always been fascinated by plants, flowers and trees; learning to recognise many species as a child and now an expert in the almost limitless field of plant identification.

    Today, the couple run Taste the Wild, which offers wild food foraging and cooking courses from their North Yorkshire woodland, and also frequently share their passion for wild ingredients on shows including Countryfile and BBC News.

  • The brand uses stunning, ultra-magnified microscopic images of plant cells which bring the natural world into instant focus, just as Bax Botanics does with its flavours. The beautiful packaging showcases these fascinating, rich patterns and incredible colours – tempered with sophisticated and classic typography, and finished with a touch of foil to create a luxurious yet modern product.

    The product itself is created using 100% organic herbs that can be sustainably produced and sourced. Local suppliers were chosen to produce the glass bottles, and Thompson recommended a local printer that has consistently shown a dedication to minimising their carbon footprint. Our specified paper stock for the label is also natural fibre-based and derived from sugar cane waste.

  • “The ‘low and no’ category is full of products that focus on being very natural and organic. But whilst Bax Botanics product range is all natural too, their key differentiator is their pinpoint focus on complex tastes and flavours. That’s what we wanted to put front and centre of the design approach, and exactly what the microscopic images do. We got stuck into the science, even venturing down to the lab to get behind the microscope ourselves, and it was fascinating bringing that research onto the packaging.” – Bob Sanderson, Creative Director, Thompson Brand Partners.

    We also created a marque from a rose and star, as a subtle note of the founding pair, Chris and Rose.

  • The drink is proving a perfect option for foodies and discerning drinkers who don’t fancy sacrificing flavour and quality just because they’re not ‘drinking’.

    “If you’re someone who loves decadent or richly flavoured drink and alcohol is your thing, you’ll be spoiled for choice. But when I was looking for an alcoholic-free drink with all of the same flavour but none of the alcohol, I just couldn’t find one. That’s why we created Bax Botanics; it’s just as decadent but you can drink and stay sharp too.

    When it came to branding, Thompson met our brief to create a luxurious yet accessible product, but Bob and his team also took it in a fascinating direction we’d never have imagined. It’s elegant, classic and luxurious, while still being rooted in nature, which is so right for us. We’ve already received pre-orders and can’t wait to see its success!” – Rose Bax.

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