Temple, a new district in Leeds

by Nick Ramshaw

We recently launched the branding for Temple, a brand-new district in Leeds city centre.

Temple will bring the industrial heart of Holbeck back to life and reconnect the area with the city centre. The district takes its name from Temple Works, the remarkable Grade 1-listed building with stunning Egyptian façade, a distinguishing landmark for the area.

  • We’ve been working with long-term client CEG, who bought Temple Works in order to save and preserve it for the city and are working on giving it nationally iconic use. They plan to rejuvenate the surrounding district, initially with a combination of 281,000 sq ft of modern workspace; 1,118,500 sq ft of high-quality homes; leisure, events and outdoor spaces. CEG’s long-term investment model will enable it to create a vibrant mixed-use place, building on the vibe and culture that already exists in this part of the city.

  • The new brand is inspired by two aspects of the history of the place. The logo reflects the façade of Temple Works, which itself is based on the temple at Antaeopolis and Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egyptology is also the inspiration for the colour palette, while the graphic language draws on the textiles industry that made the area and Leeds famous. The weave, the texture and the patterns created in mills and factories that helped create the Leeds city economy have been made visible once more.

  • We also developed the line LS1.1, to connect the Temple postcode LS11 with the city centre LS1. It also suggests a new part of the city centre, a new way of living and working and reconnects the city with the historic area of Holbeck, which also shares the LS11 postcode.

    Combined, these elements create a bold, stimulating brand for a location with a magnetic character. This is a unique place, where the Industrial Revolution was kick-started in the late 18th Century, becoming a centre for innovation and a truly pioneering spirit. The new Temple brand reflects the progressive and ambitious future plans that CEG has for the whole area.

  • Aisling Ramshaw, Head of Marketing at CEG, is delighted with the new brand: “Our ambitions for this part of Leeds are extremely high, with all the buildings designed to the very highest quality. Rather than brand elements of the development, the team at Thompson helped us to think bigger and to brand the whole new district. The name Temple has already gone done very well with stakeholders, centring the brand around one of the most important buildings in the city and we are confident that our neighbours will join us in using this name for the wider district. The idea of using textile weave is genius, creating the impression of quality, recognising the past, but living very much in the future.”

    Launched at a major event in the district on 25 September 2019, the brand has been applied to a vision film, event dressings, invitation, newspaper, website and hoardings around the site. The first two workspace buildings totalling 180,000 sq ft were released at the event, with construction due to commence early in 2020.

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