Covid Diaries: recording this historic time


History is being made right now, whichever way you look at it, and much of it deserves to be remembered. We’re glad to be helping the people of Leeds take note of the way Coronavirus is changing the shape of our city with the Covid Diaries project for our long-term clients, CEG .

  • Covid Diaries asks Loiners to share their poems, images, diaries, videos, songs and other records of their experience of the pandemic to help document these strange times and tell the personal stories that might otherwise be lost. The content will later be curated and shared in an exhibition. This not-for-profit programme is brought to you with Leeds Libraries, Leeds City Council, and Leeds Museums and Galleries.

    The Covid Diaries project is open to all ages and all content is welcome, whatever your medium.

    Share yours today via the Covid Diaries microsite we created or follow Covid Diaries on Instagram

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