Inclusivity and the digital health revolution


When it comes to wellbeing, health & care, the shift to digital delivery channels has really been taken up a gear by Covid-19. With such rapid changes required in public understanding and behaviours, how can brand owners and marketers ensure it’s an inclusive revolution and no one is left behind?

  • Our white paper and webinar explore how brand, design and communications can help make digital tools and platforms more desirable, easily understood and engaging for users and health and care professionals of all levels of digital literacy.

    Can we turn a Covid-convenient trend into a truly inclusive, empowering health and wellbeing revolution, that lasts?

    Who’s it for?
    Brand owners and marketeers in the health, healthcare, wellbeing, tech and health-tech sectors.

    Join us
    Join our Head of Strategy, Paul McGuigan, and Creative Director, Chris Skelton, as they uncover the risks around inclusion in digital health and wellbeing, plus the urgent steps that brand owners must take today.

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