What a month!

by Liz Calvert

February is always a full on month for me. I have lots of family occasions to celebrate, one of these being my own birthday. This year it was a big one – I hit 40!!  Now, rather than dwell on the negatives I’ve been thinking about the past 40 years and some of the things I remember and some key events that have influenced my life.

I’m sure these will be different for everyone, depending on age, culture and family values but here are some of mine:


Obviously being very young in the 70’s I have very few memories. I know there was the launch of the Sony Walkman (22 June 1979) and that Elvis Presley died (16 August 1977). And, even though, I didn’t really know who Elvis was I still remember the exact time and place when I was told.

Key memories from the 70’s for me are Grease (the movie). I loved it then and still do now – but I have a soft spot for musicals – and the introduction of Morph, the Plasticine man from Take Hart.

Elvis wizardofbaum.blogspot.com      Morph-i-love-gadgets.comwizardofbaum.blogspot.com                            i-love-gadgets.com



The 80’s were a great part of my life and I have really good memories of being a teenager. I loved the whole New Romantic period, especially Duran Duran. I was also into Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the whole ‘Relax’ phenomena. I particularly remember staying up late to watch the first screening of the ‘Two Tribes’ video. And yes, I was one of those kids who walked round proudly in a WAR t-shirt. Michael Jackson’ Thriller album, Fame (the series), Dexy’s Midnight Runners ‘Come on Eileen’ and Footloose (the movie) are key influences in my childhood. I definitely danced around a lot.

For me the 80’s has some great moments – the launch of MTV and the Live Aid concert but even the early 80’s, when I was still very young, are happy times with the Cabbage Patch Doll craze, the invasion of PacMan and of course who can forget ‘Who Shot JR’. Dallas was the highlight of my week.

Other key events from the 80’s include the fall of the Berlin Wall and of course the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana.

Duran duran -news.bbc.co.uk      War - 8ball.co.uk
news.bbc.co.uk                                                                          8ball.co.uk

Pacman_500px   Wedding - jspivey.wikispaces.com
www.wired.com                                                    jspivey.wikispaces.com


I will never forget the introduction of the Poll Tax in the early 1990’s. I was still living with my family and suddenly responsible for a monthly bill!

Other key events of 90’s: The cloning of Dolly the Sheep, the huge court case in the US of OJ Simpson, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the Euro Tunnel, the launch of the public facing internet and of course the death of Princess Diana.

There were some great films and TV programmes throughout the 90’s, from chick flicks like Pretty Woman and Ghost to some shockers like Silence of the Lambs and Basic Instincts. I also really enjoyed The Matrix – Sci-Fi is my thing!  I watched lots of American TV in the 90’s, Beverley Hills 90210 and ER – what was I thinking!!

And who can forget the 1990 World Cup and Paul Gascoigne crying on the pitch.

The-Silence-of-the-Lambs www.fanpop.com    Paul-Gascoigne-www.marcuseast.org
www.fanpop.com                                                    www.marcuseast.org


On a personal level this era was important as I got married and had two children.

The key events that spring immediately to mind are the World Trade Centre attacks, the introduction of the Euro (no more messing with Pesetas), the statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled, the first Big Brother (who can forget Nasty Nick) and Britain’s Got Talent – especially Paul Potts and Susan Boyle. And I was really into The Da Vinci Code (but definitely preferred the book)

Susan-boyle www.mirror.co.uk    Da_vinci_last_supper_www.daily galaxy.com
www.mirror.co.uk                                    www.dailygalaxy.com


Which brings us on to the current era. It’s too early to say what will happen but I’m hoping for some great things.

And all this just because I hit 40 this month.

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